About Us – @NamVr

About Me:

I am Naman Vrati, I am a #13-year-boy and I am website developer and programmer. I want to contribute the software development/ telecom companies of the world, for ex-Google, Facebook, YouTube and all that. I have so far learned some high-level languages such as php, cpp, html, css etc. I am also Going to learn Kotlin and then I want to do something for the software industry.

Personal Info:

Name: Naman Vrati
Age: 13 Years
Learnt Languages: C++, php, HTML, CSS, Java etc
Learning Languages: Kotlin, C/C+ and many more…
Aim: To Join Software/OS/Telecom Companies and to make something good for the country.
Want to Join: Companies Like- Google, MicroSoft, And other companies.
Available At: WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and other blogs.

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