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Why Use NamVr?
Since NamVr is good for professionals and free surfers around the world, so it helps you in your daily life. Also a good reason to use NamVr is that it is completely free of cost in whom-so-ever-manner… We never make hidden billings without your permission.

How NamVr is Useful?
Completely simple! Of Course our site is currently in development, but still our site is updated regularly. We offer you multiple things to make your life easier. We provide you games to play for entertainment, we provide you Downloading Beta our official downloading website, which offers you to download multiple software(s) and games which make your life easier and comfortable. We are also developing social media site, “V-Chat”.

What if I get any error or bug while in any of NamVr’s site?
Yes, probably it can happen because our site is developing and it may have errors and bugs! But No Worries! You can mail us with any possible kind of attachment, such as screenshot and debug reports, and it is as simple as searching on Google. Just mail us on(Kindly click mail id for fast access.) – [email protected].

What else does NamVr offer?
Not only this much, we offer you URL shortening and website creation. As said earlier, website is also made for free! No Worries, again mail us on website-portal by clicking here. You can also join our team to make our website more attractive!

Do You give tutorials also?
Yes, this is something excellent you heard this time. We have a YouTube Channel also, which can be easily visited by anyone by clicking here, or clicking the YouTube icon on your left side screen. We do have other social networking accounts also, which are also easily accessible. See the left hand social icons and try. We are on Lichess also!

What’s special on your channel, that it is growing too fast?
Yes, As our channel is titled as “All-Rounder-Videos” we offer videos on multiple subjects.. So How my channel is All-Rounder? It is because we upload these types of videos weekly:-

  1. Chess Videos
    • Openings Strategies
    • Endgames Tricks and many more
    • Tricks/Traps etc
  2. Piano Covers
    • Shape Of You
    • Despacito
    • Havana
    • Perfect etc
  3. Technical Videos
  4. Games Solutions (Gammer)
  5. Mathematical Videos
    • Maths Exams Tricks
    • Formulas etc
  6. Vedic Mathematics
    • Fast Calculations
    • Easy and small calculations
  7. Tricks/Tips/Life Hacks
  8. Counter Strike Videos
  9. Hacking/Programming Videos
  10. Other Interseting Study Videos
    • Including Subjects like Science
    • Maths etc